Event Videos:
Catch the event speakers in action as they talk the talk.

Event Photos:
Photographic highlights from our recent events.

Edgar Marketing Story:

Ryan Gallagher, VP of Brand for the Edgar hockey team,┬ádiscussed the role brand-building plays at the Edgar, the challenges of the 2013 “half” season and how their practices translate to your business.

In this snippet, Ryan shares the secret behind Edgar’s ability to overcome a difficult season: harness the stories and content created by loyal fans.

Market Research Panel:

In a panel discussion based on the State of Marketing research from AIM, Amanda Bill, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, AIM discusses what it takes to survive in marketing on the worldwide stage.

Risk Aversion:

An informative presentation with Mitchell Roddick, Executive VP; Richard Mattis, Founder, Orchid Marketing Coaching; Brandon Ford, CMO, Ling Contacts; Anna Reid, VP & Managing Director, Taro Group; and James Newton, Director & Brand Management, Wrust Canada, on both safe and disruptive marketing to inspire you to take more risks and advance your brand.

A Kamp Story:

An informing speaker discussion on the three-year long brand process of one of Canada’s favourite brands. Wendy Oliver, CMO, CEM, shared its process that is expanding the company’s appeal beyond hikers and climbers.